The Poetry of William R. Craft, Jr.
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Vicious beasts run down from their glorious groves
They arrive in the village in murderous droves
They devour the innocent with demented glee
Only a fortunate few are permitted to flee
As the survivors reach the neighboring village
The unfortunate dead are paid heroic homage


Flying emotions rush through tired air
Devotion to insanity, life without a care
Aging beasts circling their innocent prey
Rebellion, resistance, youthful for a day
Tyranny, democracy under big brother’s imposing stare
Logic, reason, destruction with remorse
Villains in power staying for the course


I drink so I can deal with assholes
This includes me
Do you believe in fear?
I love this stinking place
I'll never be alive (alone) again
Free the chains that imprison me
My cage is made of concrete
My heart screams the rage
Eyes are seeing the truths, or I think so

Do you feel rage?
Question reality or doubt it
Do you think I speak the truth
Or am I just stammering about?
Don't ignore your brain
Just talk to the masses
And speak of the forgotten fools
(Dead heroes make noble idols)
Do you fear me or do I fear me?

Think of reality as challenging the brain
(Cerebral cortex bleeds madness)
Speak in tongues (don't lie to yourself)
Goodbye. I'll see you on the other side of madness


We all try to convince ourselves of sanity
After we go insane, we see things differently

Awake and feel me, see me
Straight jacket in the mind
The emotion is altered, sanity cries aloud
Self esteem is fooling yourself
Into a delusion of grandeur

My game is no longer played (in reality)
My passion is no longer known (in actuality)
My name is unimportant (yours is vitality)
Feel the pain, experience the day

Suicide has been ruled out
Homicide has lost its glamour
I guess I have matured
Into a fool, complex and deceiving

I never meant to frighten you
But I take responsibility
For my acts of emotion
Darkened hearts feel the thaw
The thaw is life, the name is Zero

Afterward, I deserve a glance
A moment of remembrance
I deserve at least that honor
If honor remains in the wake of life

Think back does your life speak
Or is it void of emotion?
The answer isn't mine
It's yours; your life belongs to your heart
My sanity is no longer in question

I am not insane, I am intense
Don't allow worry
Demand on glory
I reveal myself, exposed in public
Monster of emotion

Gentle winds hide my feeling
My feelings are hidden from life
The illusion of love
Has never eluded, escaped
In every case, except one

All I write is for all
I never will be dead until tomorrow
Today I scream
Tomorrow I sing

In closing my mind is alive
I accept my treasure
And demand acceptance
The generation of rage
Will never be in power

Our hearts cry for something more
Our souls beg for something unseen

Our music is that of depression
Our culture thrives on misery
Our deaths tend to mean more than our lives
Give us a meaning, give us a beginning

Where are the anthems
Of my generation being born
Alive-Pearl Jam
Smells like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
We are lost. Thank God
We are forgotten when we shut off the radio


Sleeping love silent in her dreams, my mind is centered
Awake my tender friend and feel the beauty of the gentle arrival
Dawn has arrived and welcomes us to the morning

Slowly you arise and smiles come alive in my heart
I reach for you and we join in an embrace
Tenderly alive, you whisper in my ear
Smile in my heart, joy in my soul
I can believe in what we have created

A laugh then a smile, then tender thoughts
The progression of my love, the morning of my heart
Welcome my love to my palace
A moment of truth and my heart sings

A laugh then a smile then tender thoughts
Welcome to the morning my sweet. Welcome to our love


Forget me; let me walk from your mind
As the image of a friend long since remembered
Out of existence and into reality, pause

I walk across your mind
The sands of time pass through my fingers
Forget what I was, condemn who I am
Serpent of sanity stalks
My dying heart, venom in my soul

As the tears of a saint
Trickle down my face
My soul is cleansed my heart is alive
Decaying as I fear I am please give me a rest
Sanctuary from the reality of my monstrosity

I cry to hide, I weep please give me hope
Forget me so you can be free, I loved to much
I gave to little, the result is my death
I fear you as a cringing child, afraid
Heart of my mind is dead, please forget me


O’ great creator of life!
Give us a chance to believe!
A reason to exist!

We of the Earth
We of reality’s breed
Want one more day of peace

We spend our lives running from death
Trying to flee from something
That has already found us (understanding)

Pain that we feel is fleeting
Sympathy that we feel is arrogance
Nothing is as fake as 20th century compassion

Hitler slaughtered six million Jews
Stalin ten million Russians
Men of death we remember
Men of peace we forget

Patton wrote thoughtful poetry
Yet we remember his brutal violence
We wonder why the world is evil

O’ great creator of life
Grant me one last wish
Give humanity compassion and beauty
Let us forget this century, let us be human


Of all that I can’t remember
The most important
Is my love of baseball

When the world was calm
I had an old worn glove
A bat of hickory
And a love for the game

Nothing is more precious
Than a father teaching a son
About the sport of freedom

Fathers teach their sons about the game
Show them all that is sacred
Victories are to be treasured
Loses overcome

When I was strong
My arm was made of iron
I could shorten my stroke when behind
And hit frozen ropes to the opposite field
All taught by my father

When the world was naive
I heard of the Splendid Splinter
& how the Bambino was a god
Rose made his fame through heart
Pudge Fisk a hero in defeat
Red Sox fans died a bit as Buckner failed in the field
Gibson limped around the sacks
Now tell me baseball isn’t sacred

Hammerin’ Hank hit 755
Maris 61 but they couldn’t beat a legend
Rose outlasted Cobb
Then was ousted by an academic
Fighting a legend is an impossible fight

Every Summer I came alive
My father and I would talk the game
I always wore “2” in the field
In Honor to “1”

Passed balls and wild pitches
Sidearm curves and exploding sliders
There is more to this game than balls and strikes

I give rebirth to my dream
Of green fields and leather and wood


I used to believe in liberty
I used to believe in the power of one
My beliefs have been plundered, my dreams evaporated

Screaming children highlight my sleep
The horror of the world has visited my homeland
I wish for a more simple time (that never existed)

I dream with the Apache and the Sioux
I dream with James Younger Gang and The Lincoln County Regulators
I dream with the Chicago Seven and the Weathermen

Fighting for a way of life confuses our culture
Our heroes are simple men with simple agendas
Our dreams never realized; our hopes often blinded

A world without borders
A world without fear
A nation free, patriot act repealed


Life in the 21st century

Our time is defined by fear & aggression

Villains created my memories
Villains on both sides of an ocean of misinformation
Villains that have regressed into monsters

Victims running in fear
Victims being created on the site of impact
Victims on a building top firing into the sky

Heroes are created on the spot
Heroes need timing
Heroes rise to become a vision

A world thrown into hysteria
Not here, not on our shores
A call to arms

American rage was centered
I want a car flag, it shows I care
We were scared enough to love George W
Then we saw the first body bag

Science the new god
Under assault by the old
Perspective means accepting difference

Our world lost in the fog of war
Infinite war as a way of life
Peace not possible. We now have only fear

Our innocence lost
Our hope reborn
Our fear never forgets

Decadent life on international trial

We, the last to think
We, the first to act
Need hope to define the quest

Understanding is gone
Acceptance defeated
Life redefined

This is not so much what I intended-
The story of American decadence

A world where innocence creates victims
A world where power dictates respect
A world where we are all equally to blame